As a business owner, it is your responsibility to not only ensure the success of the company but also the health and well-being of your employees. Their hard work keeps your company running smoothly and profitably.  

There are many regulations for workplace safety to ensure employers provide a safe work environment for their employees. Another way to look out for your employees’ well-being is to provide company health insurance. Health insurance for small business owners is an important investment that you should consider for the sake of your workers and company.

Top Reasons to Invest in Health Insurance for Small Business Owners


No matter how careful you are in your operations, accidents can occur. Having a good health insurance plan in place for your employees can help mitigate any harm to your employee’s health and to your company’s productivity. By providing them with health insurance they can get the care they need to get healthy as quickly as possible. The faster they get healthy, the quicker they can come back to work.

Prevention – Avoid Future Health Problems

Group health insurance plans offer improved access to care over individual plans and this includes preventative services. Getting a check-up regularly can identify health issues before they become more serious and expensive in the future.  Affordable access to preventative care encourages employees to get more involved with maintaining their health and to utilize the services available.  This can also help reduce the number of sick days.

Manages Employee Costs

Improved coverage with a group plan protects your workers from the financial burden of an injury or major illness. Protection from costs they can’t afford provides them with financial security.


The job market can be very competitive nowadays for both sides of the fence. While employers are being very particular about the kind of people they want joining their team, the job seekers themselves—especially quality ones—are also carefully scrutinizing how good it will be for them to work for a specific company.

Having a health insurance package is usually a gauge of credibility and dependability for the company, thus making them a lot more attractive to potential employees. For some, this can be a deal-breaker so investing in health insurance for your business is a good call to make.

It’s Good for Everyone

Providing health insurance is a good investment for everyone. There are many benefits that both the employee’s and employers enjoy. Need to get company insurance? Already have a plan but want to review it and see if you have the best coverage? Let a health insurance and benefits broker like ESIS Inc. help you out.


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