Benefits Breakdown May 5, 2021

The Current State of Consumer Driven Health Plans

Health care consumerism has always been about empowering individuals to select more cost-effective, appropriate care. This thesis is the backbone of consumer driven health plans (CDHPs), which aim to make employees active participants in their health care.

A CDHP is simply the combination of a high deductible health plan (HDHP) and a health care account. Since HDHPs have low premiums but high deductibles (i.e., employees must cover a significant portion of incurred health costs), health care accounts are often used to offset these expenses.

CDHPs can be an excellent way for employers to control health care spending, too. In fact, CDHPs are often more effective than traditional health plans at reducing total medical costs. For example, short-term cost savings increased by 20% for employers during their first year of switching to a CDHP, according to a Cigna report. That’s because  CDHPs share much of their costs with employees, rather than relying primarily on the employer. Even employers that contribute to employee health accounts can choose how much to do so, providing even more spending control.

Beyond monetary advantages, CDHPs also help improve employee satisfaction with their health coverage. Reach out today to learn more about how CDHPs can benefit your organization.

The Benefits of Providing Pet Insurance

Pet insurance has been a trendy benefit offering in recent years, with around a third (34%) of employers providing some version of this benefit, according to a Willis Towers Watson survey. Since benefits packages are aimed to help employees lower important costs, it makes sense that pet insurance is trending upward—individuals spend thousands on their pets every year.
Below are a few reasons why employers should consider adding pet insurance to their voluntary benefits packages:

  • Improves employee financial wellness
  • Contributes to better overall health
  • Shows employees their company cares
  • Enhances competitiveness

Pet insurance can help an organization in a variety of ways. It helps employees improve their financial, physical and mental well-being. Additionally, it helps the company signal their commitment to their workers, which can lead to better recruiting prospects and overall workplace satisfaction.

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