Why Your Benefits Package Includes an Annual Wellness Screening


The annual wellness screening is now part of employee benefits in all organizations, leaving some employers as well as employees wondering what the advantages are of this addition – and more to the point, why it was made.


Benefits of an Annual Wellness Screening

There are a number of ways that employees can benefit from wellness screenings. It can help them identify and address bothersome health problems or identify potential risk factors they have for certain health issues. These screenings can also catch the early stages of health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and others that may have little or no initial symptoms, so they can be managed while it is still relatively easy to treat.


A good wellness screening program allows employees to enjoy long-term benefits, including:

  • Advice on a healthier lifestyle
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Smoking cessation
  • Direction for becoming more active


Employees who take advantage of their annual wellness screening tend to be healthier, happier, and more content at work.



It Saves the Employer Money

Some experts say that absenteeism costs employers around $2,650 a year for salaried employees $3,600 a year for hourly employees, according to Investopedia. This does not even touch the costs associated with lost production. Because employees who get annual wellness screenings tend to be healthier and happier with their jobs. This means they don’t miss as much work so employers don’t have to pay wages to employees who are absent. They also don’t have to pay wages to temporary employees or regular employees who work overtime to fill in the gap that the absent employee left.


There are also administrative costs associated with managing absenteeism. The quality of the company’s products or service can suffer, and productivity can be impacted which has associated costs. Management may be saddled with the task of finding a replacement and untrained employees can pose a safety risk. Morale can suffer as well. Some employees may become disgruntled because they have to perform extra work, filling in for their absent coworker.


Employees Have Fewer Sick Days

Healthier employees don’t get sick as often and wellness screenings can help identify potential risk factors for unhealthy lifestyle practices and dangerous health conditions. They can help get employees on the right track health-wise before any impending conditions become an issue. But there is more to this than just better health.


A Harvard Business Review article notes that “Better benefits” is one of the most common reasons that an employee will leave a company and go to another one. Wellness screenings give employees something they have been wanting for a long time – benefits that are more personalized and beneficial to their lifestyle. As a result, they are more content at work and morale is boosted throughout the organization. Annual wellness screenings are much more than just a way to help employees stay healthy. They help them stay happy and are a powerful employee retention tool.


Lower Turnover Rate

Employee turnover is expensive for companies and an organization that has a high turnover rate is likely spending a great deal of money hiring and training new employees, not to mention trying to recoup what they lose in production when they are understaffed. A high turnover rate hurts everyone in the organization. Other employees have to step up and fill in for the employee who has left. This can lead to ill feelings and discontentment – and ultimately those employees leave too. There is a definite domino effect as dissatisfaction tends to spread throughout a company.


Offering wellness screenings help employees feel more content at work. Employees who are satisfied with their jobs will be more productive and more likely to stay with a company, especially if they feel valued.


As you can see, all of these benefits are tied together. When one works it affects the others, but you need them all working together to get the full effect. Some benefits may address one or two areas, but annual wellness screenings address them all so that both the employee and the employer can reap the many benefits.


What do you feel is the greatest advantage that annual wellness screenings offer your employees? Your company? How do you effectively convey these benefits so that your staff can better understand just how important it is?


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